COVID Safety for Audiences – Fall 2021

Mandates for Student Performances at the University of Pennsylvania

COVID Safety Measures for Audiences

Audience members must comply with COVID Safety Measures put in place by the University of Pennsylvania and Platt Student Performing Arts House, the University’s advisory structure for student-run performing arts clubs. These mandates include indoor masking, reporting vaccination status and symptoms, and providing information for contact tracing.

Please note that visitors will not be allowed backstage, and additional protocols may be determined by the producing groups or by venue management. Please come prepared!

1. Masking

All audience members must remain masked for the duration of all indoor events, including intermission. Concessions will not be sold.
In some performance settings, student performers may be unmasked while onstage. In such instances, they are following additional safety protocols (including weekly testing) approved by Platt Student Performing Arts House and Penn Campus Health. Please contact the student clubs if you are interested in obtaining this information in advance.

2. Vaccination

All prospective audience members who are old enough to receive a vaccine (12 and older as of fall 2021) must be fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, unvaccinated people over the age of 12 may not attend Penn shows at this time.

3. Symptom Screening

All audience members must complete a day-of health screening and vaccine attestation, administered via the PennOpen system. This screening is confidential, and will be presented at the door before entering the seating area.

For audience members within the Penn Community (including students, postdocs, employees, vendors and contractors): use PennOpen Pass

For audience members outside the Penn Community: use PennOpen Campus
(PennOpen Campus screening can also be administered verbally for those who do not have a smartphone or device available.)

3. Contact Information

All attending members will be required to provide their names, phone numbers, and email addresses at the door. This information will be used for contact tracing in the event of a reported exposure.

Before buying your ticket to a show, please also review the University Travel Guidances offered by Penn Global.