COVID Safety

COVID Safety 

Last updated: August 9, 2021

It’s good to be back!

The Latest Policy Updates

The following rules apply to all activities in Platt House managed spaces, and all in-person student performing arts activities.

  • Masks must be worn at all times while indoors, including during rehearsals and filming.
  • Rehearse with masks on
  • No eating while in Platt House – step outside with your snack
  • Instrumentalists playing breath instruments must use instrument barriers and specialized masks (available from our staff members during work hours)
  • Groups must have a Health Marshall

Read our recent message:
Updated COVID Regulations and Guidance (Aug 30, 2021) 


Safety Measures

The University policy now includes indoor masking for vaccinated and unvaccinated community members. Be vigilant, responsible, and prepared.

As we open the opportunity for in-person rehearsals, we expect our performing arts community to comply with the new safety measures set out in the latest Public Health Guidances, including reporting vaccination status, mask use indoors, regular testing for those who are not fully vaccinated, and continuing to practice hand washing and keeping shared surfaces clean. Physical distancing requirements are in place for indoor gatherings where masks are removed, and is still available as an additional precaution for personal risk management in outdoor spaces. We encourage our community to to normalize, respect, and adhere to continued mask usage.

Virtual accessibility is here to stay.

Over the past year we’ve learned that offering group activities online increases accessibility and can be a huge benefit to members and audiences alike. We’re taking these lessons with us into the new semester! Please consider the resources below to develop virtual engagement in your performing arts groups.

Programming Tips, Technical Tools, and FAQ


Student Campus Compact (University-wide) – Community health agreements that all students must comply with in order to remain on campus
City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Guidance ( – Documents outlining best practices for education settings, arts and culture, and businesses
COVID-19 Guidelines for Campus Visitors – Guidelines for working with non-Penn-affiliated instructors, directors, and visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

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Platt House and PAC Shop Buildings

Q: Can I pick up or drop off equipment from/for storage at Platt House or the PAC Shop?
A: We have been scheduling intermittent storage appointments over the summer. Please contact Platt House staff at with your request.


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