Safety Guidelines for Parking Garage Rehearsal Spaces

Safety Guidelines for Parking Garage Rehearsal Spaces

Remember: in accordance with the Office of Student Affairs guidelines, group activities must primarily virtual. Outdoor rehearsals may not be mandatory for membership!

Whatever meetings, rehearsals, workshops, auditions, and performances you plan should be conducted with remote engagement as the primary means of participation, allowing members to decline in-person activity based on their personal assessments of risk or while away from campus. For more information, please read the OSA’s Spring 2021 Rules for Student Groups.

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The Space Reservations Form is closed at this time. Please contact us at to inquire about booking a weekly space.

The Basics:

The Parking Garage may be accessed through approved reservations only.

All attendees must: 

  • Present a Green Open Pass and PennCard,
  • Wear a mask at all times, and double-mask when possible,
  • Remain 6 ft. away from each other,
  • Stay away from cars and outer walls,
  • Refrain from eating or drinking beverages other than water,
  • Leave no belongings or trash behind

Reservations are 45 minutes long, and all attendees must vacate promptly at the end of their rehearsal slot. Participants may not enter the space early and may not stay in the space late.

Each rehearsal must have a Health Marshal in attendance to make sure the group complies with the full Outdoor Rehearsal Guidelines (below). 

Where is the Parking Garage?
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This space is camera surveilled and monitored by Staff. Do not enter the space without a pre-approved appointment. 

Review the recording of our 2/8
Health Marshal Safety Training

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Read and learn the full
Platt House Outdoor Rehearsal Guidelines

Last updated: February 11, 2021