Virtual Performing Arts

Virtual Performing Arts 

Last updated: February 8, 2021

What do you need in order to make a show, remotely and online? Visit these resources developed by our staff and campus partners. 


Virtual Engagement (Office of Student Affairs) – Tips for maintaining community in a virtual world
Connecting Virtually from PAC Con 2020 (Louis Lin) – An info session on soft skills, strategies, and social considerations to make Zooming more fun and more effective

Technical Resources for Virtual Performances (the PAC Shop) – A list of useful creative platforms, softwares, and online tools for recording and editing
Virtual Pre-Production Seminar from PAC Con 2020 (James Grant & Amanda Labonte) – A walkthrough of the technical resources available for groups who are recording, streaming, or collaborating online

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is my PAC group still required to have a performance this semester?
A: No – the 2020-21 PAC Executive Board has waived the requirement for performances for the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021. You will not be penalized if you forfeit performance in favor of virtual rehearsals, virtual workshops, or virtual socialization.


Filming Permissions

Q: Can I perform or film performances outdoors with my group?
A: As of February, one student may film one other student outdoors for performance purposes. Both participants must remain masked and physically distanced, in accordance with the Student Campus Compact. This special allowance is only for filming, not rehearsing.

Q: Can I record footage for a student group with my roommates?
A: Students who live together in a pod may appear recorded together in a video. They may be unmasked only if the content is recorded inside their residence. Up to four students who live together in a pod may appear in a recording together masked, outdoors. In both cases, your video must include a disclaimer explaining their status as a pod.


SAC Funds

Q: How do I pay for editing, mixing, and virtual production costs?
A: You may use SAC funds to cover editing and production costs for your one, primary performance of the semester. These costs can be paid for using the funds that would normally have been allocated for in-person space rentals.

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