Family Weekend

October 29-31, 2021

This Fall, you can stream two student performances right from this page!

Onda Latina: “Alicia in Ondaland”
Streaming live on Saturday, October 30th @ 2pm

When Alicia falls down a rabbit hole, she finds herself in the magical and mysterious Ondaland. Here, she encounters a cast of odd, dancing characters. Trying to find her way back home, she weaves through the Tweedles’ mambo, grooves with the Mad Hatter during his tea party, meets a grinning Cheshire cat who loves bachata, gets trapped in an extravagant March of Cards, and more. Join Onda for a night of adventures and dancing in the unforgettable Ondaland!
Enjoy Onda Latina Presents: “Alicia in Ondaland” – Saturday, October 30th @ 2pm

Bloomers Comedy: “Off the Rails”
Streaming live on Saturday, October 30th @ 7:30pm

The B Line is leaving the station! The next stop is .. love, mystery, maybe a dance break?, and certainly lots of LAUGHS! Just about anything can happen on the subway. What are you waiting for? Hop on, and stand clear of the closing doors, please.
Enjoy Bloomers Presents: “Off the Rails” – Saturday, October 30th @ 7:30pm