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Scenery is a staple of technical theatre components and can make an incredible impact on a production.  The PAC Shop has a fully functioning work space complete with tools and materials for designing and constructing scenery.  PAC Shop staff are equipped to offer advice and support.


Mechanical drawings are extremely important in technical theater. Drawings can be made by hand or with a computer.

  • Hand drafting involves the use of drafting equipment such as the T-Square, triangles, a compass, and templates.
  • Computer drafting requires a computer with drafting software and a printer or plotter. The Shop’s computer lab is available for just such a job.

Drafting involves drawing the object you want to represent in scale. To scale a drawing means to choose a specified increment to represent a measured foot.

Multiple 2-dimensional views are used to fully describe the 3-dimensional environment of the stage.

Production Organization

Production Tree


It takes many people doing a variety of jobs to mount any Theatrical Production. Explore the below descriptions of the many positions on a Production Staff. Position titles, duties, and responsibilities are explained for a typical Penn show.

Director Types

Designer Types

Technical Types

Production Calendar

Production Meeting Schedule (PLA/Annenberg Spaces)


PAC Props maintains the stock props and furniture for use by participating PAC groups. All PAC groups have access at no charge to these materials. In return, we request that any group that uses PAC Props donates any new properties they purchase to the stock. The Prop Shop contains treasures beyond your imagination. In order to be able to fairly distribute the resources of PAC Props, the following guidelines are used :

  • No one shall enter the prop or furniture storage areas without permission. Please contact the PAC Shop to schedule an appointment.
  • Any articles used must be signed out and the person/group taking the props must assume full responsibility for the articles taken. If any articles are removed without permission a $25 fine will be charged to the group or individual.
  • If a borrowed article is lost or damaged, the borrowing group must either replace, repair, or pay the replacement value of the item.
  • All borrowed items must be returned at the strike of the performance. Amanda Labonte or Michelle Moller will be present at the strike to supervise the return and ensure the props and furniture areas are left in good condition.
  • Any group which cannot provide a University account number must leave a refundable deposit equal to the replacement value of all borrowed items to ensure the safe return of the borrowed items.