Platt House offers five distinct rehearsal spaces available for reservation/rental by members of the Penn Community. Student groups under the PAC umbrella have first priority and are permitted to reserve rehearsal rooms on a semesterly basis. All other groups and individuals can reserve rehearsal rooms on a monthly basis.

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Room 175

Highly favored among Penn dancers, Platt 175 is a sizable dance studio featuring mirrors, barres, a sprung floor, and sound system.


Room 176

Known to frequenters of Platt House, 176 is “the room with the drums.” The smallest of our rehearsal spaces, 176 is intended for individuals and small music ensembles. The room features an upright piano and complete drum set.

Class of 69 from back

Room 177: “Class of 1969”

This space is designated the medium-sized music room, and it features a baby grand piano and ample space for small to medium-sized ensembles. This space is particularly special as it was made possible by a generous donation of the Class of 1969.


 Room 179

This large rehearsal room is intended for theatre rehearsals, but also works well for large music ensembles. Platt 179 features some furniture including tables, chairs, and music stands, as well as an upright piano. There are also two large portable mirrors housed in this space. 179 is a favorite of our After School Arts at Penn program.


 Room 180

“The musical theatre room,” as it is called by many Platt House users, Room 180 features mirrors, barres, a sprung floor, sound system, upright piano, and some furniture including tables, chairs, and music stands.

It is expected that all rehearsal room users following these guidelines:

  • Always carry your PennCard with you;
  • Only bottled water permitted in rehearsal rooms;
  • Clean up after yourself;
  • Return the room to its “basic setup” and return borrowed furniture to its original locations;
  • Please turn off the sound systems and lights upon exiting;
  • Report needed repairs and housekeeping to

To check availability and submit a space reservation request, click below.

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And check out this Danceable Rehearsal Space Guide. Please note: some of these spaces are already booked during high priority times (ie nights and weekends). We recommend checking for availability early and often, as it is subject to change, due to releases, etc.