Solomon-Platt House Annex (SPLATT)

Platt House manages three rehearsal rooms on the basement (A) level of the Solomon Labs Building, located at 3720 Walnut Street. These rooms are referred to as the Solomon-Platt House Annex (SPLATT). These rehearsal spaces are available for reservation/rental by members of the Penn Community. Student groups under the TAC-e umbrella have first priority and are permitted to reserve rehearsal rooms on a semesterly basis. All other groups and individuals can reserve rehearsal rooms on a monthly basis.

Reservations must be made in advance to book these spacese. Walk-in space usage is not permitted.

Solomon A2 and Solomon A3 are only available for reservation from the beginning of the academic year through Spring Break. Solomon A29 is available for reservation thorugh the academic year. For summer reservation requests, please contact

To check availability and submit a space reservation request, click below:

Submit Reservation Request 

Images and room descriptions follow below:


Room A2

Solomon A2 is an open room with chairs and desks/tables. This space is well-suited for small or medium groups. 


Room A29

Solomon A29 features a keyboard and drumkit. This space is well-suited for small to medium-sized ensembles, theatre group, etc.


Room A3

Solomon A3 features a dance floor, sound, system, and mirrors. This space can acoommodate smaller dance groups, groups using choreography, etc. Please note: this space is not well-suited to lifts and jumps, given the ceiling height.

It is expected that all rehearsal room users following these guidelines:

  • Always carry your PennCard with you;
  • Only bottled water permitted in rehearsal rooms;
  • Clean up after yourself;
  • Return the room to its “basic setup”:
  • Do not move furniture/equipment into or out of the rooms;
  • Please turn off the keyboard (A29), sound system (A3), and lights upon exiting;
  • Pleae close the rehearsal room door upon exiting;
  • Report needed repairs and housekeeping to

We ask that you respect this space. Clean up after yourself and be sure to turn off any electronics and close the door upon exiting. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the space!

Upon your first reservation, please e-mail with your Penn ID number, as the building requires PennCard Access. At that time, please request the door code for whichever space you have requested, as the spaces are locked.