The George and Jane Wallace Summer Performing Arts Internship Award


More than fifty years ago, George and Jane Wallace met at a Pennsylvania Players audition. Their love for theatre transformed into their love for each other and eventual marriage. After his wife’s death, George decided to honor her by starting an endowment in her name at the University of Pennsylvania. The resulting creation was the Jane Wallace Memorial Theatre Internship Program. In 2009 in honor of George’s 95th year and to celebrate 20 years of the Wallace Award, the Award name was changed to the George and Jane Wallace Summer Theatre Internship Award. In an effort to best serve the growing community of student performing arts at Penn, the award expanded to include media outside of theatre including comedy, dance, entertainment, music, spoken word, storytelling, entertainment, and more. To reflect this expansion, the Award was renamed “The George and Jane Wallace Summer Performing Arts Internship Award.”


The Wallace Award provides one Penn undergraduate with funds to support a summer internship in a professional performing arts or related entertainment organization. The award recipient receives a $3,000 stipend, a portion of which is awarded before their internship. The remainder is awarded upon submission of a journal essay describing the learning experience. Past winners have completed internships at non-profits and arts centers and organizations in Philadelphia, New York City, Minneapolis, the Berkshires, Paris, and points beyond. Applicants are responsible for securing their internship.

**Please note that funding awards are contingent upon the student being able to take part in the internship. Should the changing public health situation render the internship no longer possible before the start of the internship, money will no longer be distributed or (if already distributed), will need to be returned.

If you are applying for an opportunity abroad: Unfortunately, Platt House will not be able to fund any international opportunities this summer. On March 19 the US State Department issued a Global Health Advisory: Worldwide Level 4: Do Not Travel.


Applicants must be Penn undergraduates. Juniors will be given preference. Seniors are not eligible to apply. The Award recipient will be selected on the basis of a 3-5 page double-spaced essay.

In your essay, include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Class Year
  • Your School
  • Your Major
  • Your Hometown
  • Your Activities (on and off campus)

AND address the following issues:

  • What is the extent of your performing arts experience at Penn?
  • What kind of internship are you pursuing and what kind of organizaiton do you want to intern for?
  • Do you have a geographical preference for your internship, and if so, where?
  • How will this experience benefit your professional or academic aspirations?
  • List in preferential order the internship opportunities you would like to explore.

Please note: the selection committee will consider the following areas during the selection process: professional and academic aspirations, type of internship/organization, performing arts experience at Penn, and campus benefit. 

The 2021 Wallace Award application process is open now through Monday, April 5th. Please use this form to apply by Monday, April 5th 

For more information about The Wallace Award, please contact the Director of Platt House at 215-898-2312 or